Kids,  Diabetes and Food Choices

According to Dr. K.M. Venkat Narayan of the Centers for Disease Control, American kids face a diabetes epidemic of unprecedented proportions. One in three children born in 2000 will contract the disease. The primary reasons? Over-eating and a lack of exercise—so this illness is almost entirely preventable.

It is almost inconceivable that so many can watch their own children pile on health-threatening poundage and do almost nothing to stop it. But we live in an age where it is far more fashionable to indulge than discipline, to be flexible rather than firm, to be your kid's friend rather than a parent.

Mr. Ahlert has a good point, but he’s a bit unrealistic. Parents can’t force their children into good eating habits. The best thing we can do is offer healthy alternatives and encourage good choices.

An article on Dr. Koop .com (the former surgeon general) states that diabetics are urged to cook their food slowly on low heat. The problem they found is that sugars in the food are scorched in the cooking process by high temperatures when people cook their foods with traditional methods.  This creates harmful molecules called "advanced glycation end products" or (AGE's). These AGE's are one of the causes of abnormal folding of proteins, they have been implicated in vessel damage and may even hinder healing of wounds. 

One study showed that gently cooked foods, reduce AGE's by 40%.  Cooking your foods slower with low heat will reduce AGE's which are linked to blood vessel disease in the extremities of daibetics. 

How Saladmaster helps people with Diabetes:

Cooking in Saladmaster WITHOUT GREASE, OIL OR BUTTER, using LOW HEAT and NO WATER reduces the AGE's that have been implicated in blood vessel damage of diabetics, and it keeps 80-90% of the vitamins and minerals in your food, which makes it taste better, so your kids will hopefully eat more vegetables. If you want your kids to eat healthy, what should we as parents do? Answer: Set a good example!

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