Toxins & Pesticides

 OK, It's time for a wakeup call people!  The Government is no longer looking out for the best interest of the people.  If you think they are, pull your head out of the sand and start educating yourself. The EPA and FDA are bought and paid for by big business and the Pharmacy companies.  

Heres Some eye opening links

Here's a recent article from on pesticides and kids...

 Click here for Link>  Is your Childs Food Safe?

U.S. government scientists from the Centers for Disease Control have released a new study revealing that switching to organic foods provides children with "dramatic and immediate" protection from toxic pesticides. The scientists tested the urine of elementary school children for 15 days. Children ate conventional foods for ten of the days and ate organic foods for five days. During those five days, researchers saw the toxins malathion and chlorpyrifos in the children's urine completely disappear. These chemicals are two of the most commonly found pesticides on non-organic foods, and are associated with nerve damage in children. Pesticide levels increased five-fold in the children's urine as soon as conventional foods were reintroduced to their diet. The study concludes, "An organic diet provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against exposure to organophosphorus pesticides that are commonly used in agricultural production."

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