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The New 5 Quart Saladmaster Electric Liquid Core MP5 with electronic digital probe!

Its like a crock pot on steroids with a digital probe for 1 degree accuracy on temperatures plus a 12 hour countdown timer!  


Great for Chili, Soups, Stews, Roasts, Spaghetti Sauces, Beans, Party Dips. 

This new Electric Liquid Core 5qt Roaster/Crockpot is just like the electric liquid core miracle skillet except,  its deep enough to cook  a roast or stew with out the water, oils, or grease you would need with regular store bought pots & pans. If your a fan of Crock Pots and slow cooking, now you can slow cook in half the time.  The new MP5 has a 316 Insert that fits in the MP5. This allows you to heat and melt cheese dips, chocolate, or use it as a double boiler for Holiday candy without fear of scorching or burning.


Key Benefits

316 Titanium is 100% safe and sanitary.
316 Insert with pull up handle
Oil Core for perfect even heat conduction and greaseless waterless cooking.
Water immersable for easy cleanup even in the dishwasher!
12 Hour countdown timer to shut itself off automatically.
Digital temperature control for perfect accurate heat control.
Automatic rice cooker.


NEW Saladmaster 316Ti, Large 9 Qt Braiser Pan











If you cook for large groups you must add this to your collection. Great for baby back ribs, roasting 4-5 whole hens, large hams, turkeys, roasts. We recently made lasagna in this big dog and fed 23 people and still had leftovers. Use it as a big skillet to fy burgers, or make chilli, soups, gumbo, or any large recipe you like. This New Saladmaster piece is simply amazing!

Key Benefits

316 Titanium for purity and easy cleanup.
Huge 9 Qt capacity for feeding 20 -30 people.
Dome Cover for more capacity
Removable handles.
Waterless & grease free cooking with the Saladmaster Vapo Valve.


Saladmaster 5 Qt Mini Wok

If you like stir fry, you have to get you one of these 5 qt. Mini Wok. Its 316 Titanium cooking surface makes for fast and easy, heart healthy stir fry. Small enough to slip in the dishwasher but enough capacity to roast a whole chicken!  This new piece also flips over onto your Electric Skillet and becomes a high-dome cover giving you more capacity allowing you to roast a whole chicken in your Electric Skillet.


Key Benefits

316 Titanium is 100% safe and sanitary.
Removable handles.
Domed cover for more capacity
Use upside down on the electric skillet as high dome cover.
Waterless grease free cooking with the Saladmaster Vapo Valve.


First of it's Kind...

WOW...The first of its kind... a PURE 316Ti  Titanium Tea Kettle! If you like tea, coffee or soups, you have to check out one of these 316Ti Tea Kettles. You will immediately notice how good the tea tastes when you heat your water in this pure 316 Titanium Piece.





Key Benefits

316Ti  Titanium is non-reactive with chemicals and minerals in the water.
100% safe and sanitary.
Only company that currently makes a 316 Titanium Tea Kettle.
SUPER LOUD whistle you can hear down the street!! No more burned up tea kettles.





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