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Bacon Grease on OPEN GAS FLAME for 33 HOURS while she was in Springfield OVERNIGHT!!!!  It didn't even hurt the 316 Titanium Skillet!!! House is still standing, NO smoke, NO fire!  What a great investment!

That's why people invest in Saladmaster™ Cookware!

"Your pans saved my house" Jenny R. -  Gainesville, MO

              316 Titanium helps kid get back his life!

         Saladmaster™ Saves Money

"Before my wife and I purchased our Saladmaster Essential Set a few years back, our family grocery bill often ran $1000 or more per month. In addition to having healthy and delicious meals prepared in a fraction of the time, our grocery bill has consistently stayed around $600-$700 per month. The food savings alone paid for the set in about a year and we have been enjoying the food savings every month since."

Tim and Carla Wootton 

Spirit of Customers Letter


 Letters we have received from customers.

Aug 27, 2009

Dear Robb,

I wanted to tell you I have been seeing Dr. Trybus!

I told him about using Saladmaster and he thought it is GREAT!  We talked for a little while about the product and his experience with Saladmaster and working with you.

I wanted to tell you about my experience today..

I started going to Dr. Trybus for about two months for a few problems I have had for many years.  Stress, IBS, and Hypothyroidism.  (The High cholesterol is something I will discuss with my Endocronologist in Nov)

I have tried to remedy the IBS myself or through medical prescriptions. The stress is ongoing through work. The Hypothyroidism I have had for over 20 years. 

We have been working the above problems with supplements, accupuncture, exercise and meditation.

With all of these systems in place, I started to feel better and my body seemed to be making slow progress.  My appointments started at twice a week and then once a week.

Then I bought Saladmaster..

It wasn't until I started using Saladmaster that my body responded.  After my appointment today he only wants to see me once a month!   He said all of my organ responses are much better!  

I have only been using Saladmaster for about a month and already have had awesome results. I am truly amazed! 


Thank you so much!

Jamie E.

Springfield MO

Dear Saladmaster,

I am writing to tell you how Saladmaster has changed my life. I saw a Saladmaster demo about 2 years ago. I was amazed at the cookware and how you could fry without grease. I thought I had good stainless pots, but when I saw this, I knew what I was seeing was different. I was on cholesterol and triglyceride medications and my doctor told me that I would be on them for the rest of my life because they said there was nothing I could do on my own to lower my numbers to acceptable levels without medicine.

Here's what Saladmaster did for me…

I got my set in October and by January I had lost 20 lbs and was feeling great. I took myself off the cholesterol and triglyceride drugs later that month. Mid March I got my lipid levels checked again. The results were better than they had been in years. My doctor was very pleased and told me how well the drugs were working and to keep taking my pills. Little did she know, I hadn't had a pill in nearly two months!

Thank you Saladmaster for changing my life and getting me off those drugs FOREVER! 

By the way, my wife tells me all the time that she feels bad for people that don't have Saladmaster because of how fast and easy meal prep and cleanup is for her! Plus the food looks and tastes better!

Ed and Jen

Springfield, MO


Dear Byron,

As you know, Darin and I are fairly consertative spenders, generally forgoing wants for needs.  As such, quality is a huge factor.

Before you introduced us to Saladmaster, I'd heard of it and knew several couples who had a set.  The things I knew to be true via testimonial from my friends were; it's expensive - but worth the $$, and  the lifetime guarantee is for real - tested by a couple who have had theirs 30 years.

Now that I've had mine for a couple months, I wanted to tell you this is one of the all time best purchases I've ever made.  Nine years ago, I considered my lasik eye surgery the best investment I'd ever made in myself.  Now, I think the electric skillet has the top spot!  It stays on my counter 24/7 (and will likely last beyond my eyesight).  I use it almost every time I cook.  The rest of the set, including the bake ware is great too!

Thanks again.  I will soon be a Saladmaster skillet godess!  


Kristi & Darin 
Springfield,  MO

*These letters are from just shared from some of our customers and in no way make any health claims of any kind!

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